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747 Lufthansa Seating Plan (747-8)

747 Lufthansa Seating Plan

Overview of Lufthansa 747

The 747 Lufthansa is one of Lufthansa’s long-range aeroplanes. The aircraft carries 364 passengers in its four cabins: First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy.

On board the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8, passengers will enjoy premium entertainment and comfort. The plane has an Audio/Video on Demand feature (IMS/Zodiac RAVE) with about 400 CDs, multiple radio channels, and audiobooks to help you enjoy your flight. You can enjoy this entertainment feature through the personal screens in the seatbacks.

Aside from the audio features of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8, there are over 100 movies, 200 TV shows, 15 games, and many live TV channels. There are also about 25 different language options for the entertainment system.

Other features are available on the Lufthansa 747-8 to ensure passengers are not bored, especially for long-haul travels. For instance, on each seat, there is a USB power and 110V AC power port to charge your devices.

While you charge your devices, you can watch videos online, call, reply to your emails, read the latest news, and access social media through the aircraft’s internet feature. Lufthansa’s FlyNet®, in-flight internet service, is accessible in all cabins. However, this service comes with a charge you can pay with your card.

For long-haul flights, you will get complimentary meals in the Boeing 747 Lufthansa, regardless of your cabin.

Lufthansa 747-8 Seating Chart

Boeing 747 Lufthansa

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First 83/81 31 8
Business 64/78 20 80
Economy 31 17.1 244
Premium Economy 38 19 32

seat plan key


The Lufthansa First Class 747 cabin comprises eight suites on the front deck of the plane. This cabin offers more comfort than any of the other cabins. In all the seats, there is a personal storage space for passengers to keep their belongings.

For passengers that need privacy, seats 1AK, 2AK, and 3AK are most suitable since they are stand-alone. If you are travelling with a partner, 3D and 3G are best.


The Lufthansa 747 Business Class has two sections — in the lower and upper deck. You can find the first Business section behind the First cabin. For clarity, the cabin does not offer as much comfort as the First but offers more than the other cabins.

The seats in the lower deck of Lufthansa 747 8 Business Class have a 2-2-2 configuration. Seats 4AC, 4DG, and 4HK are slightly undesirable because of their proximity to the restrooms and galley.

Like the 4th-row seats, passengers will find seats 9AC, 9DG, and 9HK undesirable because of their closeness to the restrooms and galley. The 10th-row seats are also too close to the lavatories and galleys.

The Business cabin in the upper deck of the Lufthansa Boeing 747 has a 2-2 configuration. Seats 81C and 81H may be undesirable to some passengers because they are near the restroom and galley — this is also the case for 88HK.

As the 747-8 Lufthansa Business Class seat map shows, the cabin has a unique design with the seats facing one another. This seat arrangement is perfect for passengers with partners, not for single travellers because it lacks privacy.


The Economy cabin of the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 has two sections — before and after the Premium Economy cabin. The seats in this cabin have a 3-4-3 configuration, offering less comfort and legroom than other cabins.

Because of the position of the bulkhead, seats 18DEFG, 16ABC, and 16HJK have less leg space; hence, they may be undesirable to passengers. Seats 20ABC, 20DEFG, and 20HJK are not ideal because they do not recline and are too close to the lavatories and galley. As the seat map shows, 20A and 20K are undesirable since they do not have windows.

In the second section of the Boeing 747-8 Lufthansa Economy cabin, seats 27ABC, 27DEFG, and 20HJK are undesirable. While these seats have extra leg space, they are smaller in width and have fixed armrests due to the location of the tray tables.

Seats in row 34 — 34ABC, 34DEFG and 31HJK — are not ideal as they are quite close to the on-board kitchen. As the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 seat map shows, 47BC and 47HJ may be undesirable to most passengers; they have limited reclining and are close to the restroom.

The proximity to the restroom also makes seats 48D and 48G undesirable. The last row, 49DEFG, may be unsuitable for most passengers because of their limited recline and closeness to the restrooms.

Premium Economy

You can find the Premium Economy of the Lufthansa in between the Business cabin. The seats in this cabin are fewer compared to the Business and Economy cabin. It offers slightly more comfort than the Economy behind it.

The Lufthansa Premium Economy 747 has a 2-4-2 configuration. Passengers may find the first-row seats, 21AC, 21DEFG, and 21HK, in the cabin undesirable. As the seat map shows, these seats provide more legroom, but they’re located in an inconvenient spot, close to the lavatories and the galley.

All other seats in the Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 are standard recliner seats with no noticeable downsides. Therefore, the few passengers in this plane section can rest assured of their convenience.

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