Qatar Airways Airbus A380

Overview of the A380 Qatar

The Qatar A380 is the largest passenger aircraft in the world; it offers First, Business, and Economy cabin seating. This plane can carry up to 517 passengers, making it ideal for long-distance flights across the globe.

The aircraft has a seating chart that shows a premium lounge with seats spread across two decks. There are also 48 flatbed seats in Business Class, 461 standard seats in Economy, and eight open suites in First Class.

From the friendly reception at the terminal to the advanced entertainment options and delicious cuisine, passengers will have an unforgettable traveling experience. The seat plan also shows that Audio-Video on Demand (AVOD) systems allow passengers to watch their favorite shows and movies in all the cabins.

Regardless of the cabin, passengers can access an AC power port and the internet via Wi-Fi. Additionally, passengers flying with Qatar Airways Airbus A380 will get free meals during the flight. You can contact the airline to arrange various alternative meal options if you have special dietary needs. On board the Airbus A380 Qatar, there is an à la carte menu in First Class, where you can order dishes made by world-class chefs.

Qatar Airways A380 (A380-800): Best Seats

Airbus A380-800 Qatar
Qatar Airbus A380-800

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
First 83/83 23 8
Business 80/80 22 48
Economy 32 18.5 461


The Airbus A380-800 Qatar First section seats are extra wide and upholstered in luxurious materials. These seats automatically convert into a fully flat bed, and the table extends so you can enjoy your meal with your companion.

Qatar Airbus A380-800

There are two rows of seats in the First cabin of the Qatar Airbus A380-800. All the seats in this cabin have 180-degree recline and enough space for passengers to stretch their legs. In addition, there are AC power outlets on all seats with on-demand TV to give passengers premium entertainment.


Qatar A380 Business class

The Qatar A380 Business class section is behind the First cabin and contains 48 flat beds. The seats in this cabin have 180-degree reclining. As the seat map shows, Qatar Business Class A380 has a 1-2-1 configuration with 12 rows.

Passengers sitting in the 10th row may feel inconvenienced because the restrooms and galley are directly in front of them. The 22nd-row seats are also unsuitable because they are near the lavatories.

All Qatar Business class A380 cabin seats have AC power outlets and on-demand TV. Behind this cabin is a premium lounge where passengers can relax with a bottle of drink.


The A380 Economy Cabin has a spacious, comfortable, well-thought design and seating arrangement. The main deck has higher ceilings and fewer seats, creating more space. The seats have a sleek, sophisticated design allowing additional legroom, a deeper recline, and shaped headrests.

There are 84 seats spread out over ten rows in the first section of the Qatar Airbus A380-800 Economy cabin. Passengers in the 40th row will appreciate the extra legroom. However, the location of the galley and restroom near these seats may be a problem for other passengers.

The seats in the 43rd row, 44DEFG, are unsuitable because of their lesser leg space. Likewise, passengers in 48C, 48DEFG, 48H, 49ABC, and 49HJK may feel uneasy due to their proximity to the restroom and limited recline.

Because of the bulkhead location, the seats on the 50th row offer minimal legroom. The Qatar A380 seat map shows that the proximity to the galleys is also a drawback of the 50th row. Seats 61DEFG, 62ABC, and 62HJK have limited reclining and are located behind the lavatories.

Qatar Airways A380 seat map

The 63rd-row seats have more space for legs because of the exit row in front. There is a concentration of other passengers around the seats. Seat 68D is an ideal seat, with no seat in front of it, leading to more outstanding legroom. However, the TV and tray table are immovable, limiting the seat width. Also, there is no floor storage during takeoff and landing.

As the Qatar Airways A380 seat map shows, seats 73ABC, 73 HJK, and 74DEFG have minimal reclining. 75ABC and 75HJK offer more outstanding legroom; however, some passengers may find the galleys’ proximity annoying. The drawbacks of seats 76DEFG are the cramped legroom and the proximity to the galleys.

Other passengers waiting to use the restroom usually surround 82C, 82DEFG, 82H, and 83rd-row seats, which can be annoying for those sitting there. Similarly, seats 82DEFG, 83ABC, and 83HJK are not ideal due to their limited recline.

You can find the second section of the Economy class in the upper deck of the A380 Qatar Airways. This section comprises 20 seats in three rows. The 30th row has more legroom than usual because it is behind an exit row. However, two drawbacks are smaller seat width and lack of floor storage space for passengers to keep items during takeoff and landing.

The last row seats are the worst in this section of the Economy cabin. These seats are undesirable because of their proximity to the lavatories and galleys.

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