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Thomas Cook Airbus A330 Seating Plan

Thomas Cook Airbus A330 Seating Plan

Overview of A330-200 Thomas Cook

Passengers can have a smooth and delightful flight experience thanks to Thomas Cook’s A330-200 aeroplane. 322 people can be accommodated on this plane in Premium Economy and Economy based on the Thomas Cook Airbus A330 seating plan.

A variety of entertainment options are available to passengers aboard. A personal seatback entertainment system with an extensive range of films, TV shows, music, and games is available in each seat. Audio channels are available for those who enjoy music, while some planes can have USB ports for recharging portable electronics.

The Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200 offers onboard WiFi connectivity for passengers. It allowed passengers to stay connected, browse the internet, or use their devices for work or entertainment. However, availability and charges may vary depending on the flight and destination.

The cabin crew on the Thomas Cook A330 Airbus flight are known for their friendly and attentive service. They are available to assist passengers throughout the flight, ensuring a comfortable and delightful travel experience.

Depending on the flight length, A330 Airbus Thomas Cook provides complimentary meals and refreshments to the passengers. There will be a variety of hot and cold meals, snacks, and beverages available for passengers.

For the convenience of the passengers, lavatories were strategically placed throughout the Thomas Cook Airbus A330 – 200 cabin. They were spotless and furnished with the most fundamental conveniences, such as sinks, mirrors, and hand dryers.

The lighting in the plane’s cabin is created to provide a comfortable environment for the entire journey. Passengers can alter the lighting system to replicate different times of the day to assist them in acclimating to different time zones and lessen jet lag.

Thomas Cook A330 Seat Plan (A330-200)

Thomas Cook Airbus A330 Seating Plan

Seating details

Class Pitch Width Seats
Premium Economy 35 19.7 49
Economy 31 18.2 273

Premium Economy

The Thomas Cook A330 seat plan of Premium Economy Class features 49 seats in total, located in rows 1 through 7. These seats feature a 2-3-2 arrangement and are created with passenger comfort in mind, resulting in a welcoming and roomy atmosphere.

The typical dimensions of each seat in the Premium Economy Class Thomas Cook seating plan A330 are a generous 35 inches of pitch and a breadth of 19.7 inches. The only slight inconvenience for passengers in this class is the constrained legroom brought on by the bulkhead that is present in front of them.

Thomas Cook Airbus A330 seating


Further divisions are made for the Economy Class within the Airbus A330 Thomas Cook seating plan. With rows 8 through 30, the first section offers a choice of seating options, with most rows adopting a 2-4-2 design. Some of these rows strike out as desirable options. Due to the extra legroom they offer, thanks to the exit row in front, the seats in the 8th row and 9AC and 9HK are regarded as the best choices on the seating chart.

These seats allow passengers to spread out during their journey without feeling cramped. Seats 10A, 10K, 15A, and 15K, on the other hand, are typically considered less desirable since they lack windows, which may prevent passengers from enjoying picturesque vistas and a feeling of openness.

Several seats in the Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330 Economy Class, including 27EFG, 28E, and 29E, are close to the lavatories. Those seated in these places may occasionally experience annoyance and discomfort due to this closeness. Only a tiny portion of the seats in the 29th row, especially seats 29C, 29H, 29A, and 29K, and the seats in the 30th row, recline.

Travellers in these rows could occasionally face disruptions because of their proximity to lavatories. Seats 29A and 29K are classified as less attractive since the lack of windows further reduces their appeal.

Thomas Cook Airlines Airbus A330 Economy Class

The second section of Economy Class Thomas Cook Airbus A330 seating is positioned past the exit row after it, while the seats feature 2-4-2 and 2-4-2 arrangements. Here, passengers in the 31st row have an advantage: more room for their legs. These seats are in exceptionally high demand and frequently chosen by travellers seeking a more comfortable flight. Notably, the seats in the 31st row, seats 31DEFG, have restricted legroom because a bulkhead is situated directly in front of them.

Consider a potential issue with Thomas Cook A330 seating 38D and 38G. Passengers and crew members who pass by these seats may occasionally disturb them. There may occasionally be contact or bumps with the seats in these spots because there are now three rows instead of four.

There are a few seats that are typically thought of as less comfortable and convenient. Due to their proximity to lavatories and galleys, seats 43DEG, 44AC, and 44HK may be disturbed by noise. Based on the seat map, these seats also have restricted reclining, which may prevent passengers from finding a more comfortable posture during their flight.

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