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Virgin Airbus A330-300 Seat Plan

 Virgin A330 seat map

Virgin A330-300 Overview

The Airbus A330-300 Virgin is a wide-body airplane utilized for long-stretch trips by Virgin Atlantic, an English carrier. It has three service classes, Upper Class, Premium Economy, and Economy.

The Virgin A330-300 Upper-Class cabin features fully flat beds and direct aisle access for each passenger. It is designed for luxury and comfort. On board, passengers can enjoy a gourmet dining experience and a champagne service before the flight. In addition, a cutting-edge in-flight entertainment system plays a wide range of movies, shows, games, and music in the cabin.

An upgraded meal service with hot and cold options is available in the Premium Economy cabin of the A330 Virgin, which has a more spacious seat with a larger recline. Travelers can likewise partake in a free beverage administration and an individual diversion screen with a wide determination of films, Network programs, and music.

The Virgin A330 seat map shows the Economy cabin is designed for comfort and convenience, with comfortable seats that provide adequate legroom. A personal entertainment screen with a selection of music, movies, and television shows is available for passengers to enjoy in addition to a hot meal and complimentary beverage service.

The aircraft provides a variety of amenities to enhance the passenger experience. In-flight Wi-Fi is available in each cabin, allowing passengers to keep in touch with friends, family, and work while in the air. The Virgin Airbus A330 has USB ports and power outlets at each seat, allowing passengers to charge their devices throughout the flight.

For travelers going with youngsters, the Airbus A330 Virgin offers conveniences to keep kids engaged, including a committed youngsters’ menu and a choice of games and exercises. The airline staff can also assist passengers with disabilities or special needs, such as wheelchair assistance and priority boarding.

A330-300 Virgin: Best Seats

Airbus A330-300 Virgin

Upper Class

The Virgin A330 Upper Class section features 33 spacious open suites, each with a 180-degree recline, offering passengers exceptional comfort during their flight. According to the seat map, most of these open suites are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, providing direct aisle access to each passenger.

Virgin A330 Upper Class

It is important to note that the bed length of 1DG is 5 inches shorter than other seats in this Virgin Atlantic Upper Class A330, which may impact the overall comfort of the passenger during their flight. The bar located near the end of the Upper-class section may inconvenience passengers seated in the 8th and 9th columns due to its proximity. Moreover, seats 9A and 9K, located next to the bar, are considered poor seats as they lack windows.

Virgin Atlantic A330-300 Premium Economy

Premium Economy

The Virgin Atlantic A330-300 Premium Economy Class section features 48 seats behind the exit row. Passengers in seats 18AC, 20DFG, and 20HK may benefit from additional legroom due to the location of the bulkhead. However, these seats may be uncomfortable for some travelers as they are frequently crowded with other passengers waiting to use the restrooms.

The tray tables in these seats are integrated into the armrests, reducing their width slightly, and there is no floor storage during takeoff and landing. Passengers seated in seat 19C may be bothered by the kitchen’s proximity. Seats 21A and 21K also lack windows, which could be disappointing for those who enjoy the view during the Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-300 flight.


The Virgin Airbus A330-300 Economy Class section has two classes of 185 standard seats. Because they provide passengers with additional legroom, the seats in the 40th row are regarded as the most desirable among these options. There is a drawback to these seats: They are narrower than standard seats and lack floor storage during takeoff and landing.

Virgin Airbus A330-300 Economy

During the flight, passengers seated near the restrooms may experience discomfort. Passengers who prefer to recline their seats during the flight may not find seats 45AC, 45HK, or 48DEFG suitable due to their limited reclining.

Behind the exit row of Airbus A330-300 Virgin Atlantic is where you’ll find the second section of economy class seats. Because of the bulkhead’s position, passengers in seats 49DEFG have more legroom, which makes the journey more comfortable. These seats may come into contact with crew members or passengers moving through the aisle with service carts.

Seats AC and HK in columns 50-55 are assigned as preferred Virgin Atlantic A330-300 seats with an extra charge. The narrower seats, 50AC and 50HK, may concern some passengers. As these seats protrude into the aisle, passengers in 61C and 61H have more room for their legs. Other passengers may also slam into these seats.

Because they are close to the galley and restrooms, seats 64AC, 64D, 64G, 64HK, and 65DFG are less comfortable for passengers. There is limited reclining in seats 64AC, 64HK, and 65DFG, making them unsuitable for passengers who prefer to recline during the flight. Based on the Virgin Atlantic A330 seat map, these seats are regarded as less desirable than other seats in the aircraft’s economy class section.

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